Member Services

Member Services Committee Meeting, November 2017

The following are topics the Member Services Committee (MSC) identified at the November 28, 2017 meeting to share with Districts:

Retirement Planning Workshops (RPWs)

  1. Since the per-person subsidy increased to $25.00 per person, Districts are encouraged not to charge a fee for RPW participants. Our competition is offering workshops for free. Districts will be reimbursed for no­shows by the Provincial Office. Offering a snack or light lunch in lieu of a full meal, may reduce District costs.
  2. Our RPW coordinators should receive a full list of participants prior to their District’s RPW.

Contact the Provincial Office if you do not receive it.


  1. Districts are reminded that those working in any role in the broader educational community (K-12, early years or post-secondary settings), are eligible for membership. Others who are involved in the care of children or in policy setting could be eligible for benefits or membership. The Provincial Office is happy to clarify questions regarding individual situations.
  2. Open enrolment – From December 1,2017 to March 31, 2018 an open enrolment campaign will be in progress. Marketing ads will go out every week as a reminder and will also outline the steps required to change from one insurance plan to the RTO/ERO plan. To roll over to the RTO/ERO Insurance plan, you must currently be enrolled an individual or group insurance plan. Those wishing to change must be eligible to be an RTO-ERO member.

The coverages currently held are the only coverages that can be rolled over. In other words, if a person is currently registered only in Extended Health with another plan, that is all RTO/ERO insurance will offer.

Recruitment Workshop

The Member Services Committee is planning a Recruitment Workshop on September 16-17, 2018. If your

District has suggestions for recruitment or for the Retirement Planning Workshops, please forward them to

your liaison representative.


  1. The Merit Travel Danube River cruise is currently 50% reserved. Members who are still interested in participating should contact their local Merit Travel office to book.
  2. Day trips do not require the use of companies holding TICO (The Travel Industry Council of Ontario) designation. However, from a risk perspective, Districts may wish to consider travel agents that are members of TICO.


Some Districts are inviting active educators to drop in to social events. This is a great way to scout out potential future members and to let them know what RTO/ERO offers.


Consider hosting an event at a long-term care venue for members who are unable to attend regular meetings. Several Districts are sending Christmas cards to their more elderly members and affiliate presidents.


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